Raw Coverage – May 29, 2017

Out comes Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. She hypes the Kendo Stick on a Pole Match with Bayley on Sunday and pokes fun at Bayley for probably trying to hug the kendo stick. Bliss goes on about how soft Bayley is and says she had to dig deep to find out who Bayley really was. She introduces “This Is Your Life” and focuses on the table full of various items from Bayley’s life. We also see an older woman in the ring with a younger woman and younger man on the opposite side of the table. Bliss starts mocking some of the items on the table, including a trophy and a yearbook. Bliss introduces the older woman next, 4th grade teacher Mrs. Flapper. The teacher talks about how Bayley was such a good student. Bayley sat in the front row with her dad. Her dad was there because Bayley cried when she was apart from him.

Bliss introduces the younger woman next, Bayley’s childhood best friend Tracy Avalina. She talks about how they were good friends until Bayley never wanted to hang out because she’d rather watch Raw or SmackDown. The young man is Bayley’s ex-boyfriend, Phil Johnson. He says Bayley was a nice girl. Bliss wants to know about the first date. Phil says it was okay but kind of strange because her dad was always there. He says they almost had a moment one night where they were going to kiss. His eyes were closed but nothing happened. He opened eyes and there was her father. Phil says he only dated Bayley because he wanted to get close to Tracy. Tracy can’t believe it. She always thought Phil was out of her league but she always liked him. Tracy and Phil kiss as Bliss calls them disgusting. Bliss says this, this is Bayley’s life.

The music hits and out comes Bayley. She rushes into the ring but Bliss stomps on her. Bayley comes back and gets the upperhand. Bliss decks her with a right hand. Bayley with a suplex. Bayley smiles and points up at the kendo stick on a pole. Bayley climbs up in the corner for the kendo stick but Bliss cuts her off. Bliss picks up the kendo stick and smacks Bayley in the back with it, sending her out to the floor. Bliss stands tall with the kendo stick as her music plays.

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