Elimination Chamber 2017 Coverage

SmackDown Women’s Championship
Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi

They meet in the middle of the ring and Bliss tosses gum at Naomi. Naomi unloads and they go at it. Naomi goes to the top early on but Bliss brings her down. Naomi ducks and kicks her in the head. Naomi springboards in but Bliss catches her and brings her to the mat. Bliss with a 2 count after strikes. Bliss works Naomi over in the corner now. Bliss keeps control for a minute. Naomi fights back and they trade counters and pin attempts. Naomi drops Bliss with a big kick. They both get up and Naomi takes control. Naomi goes to the top and nails a Blockbuster for a 2 count. Bliss ends up running into a Rear View but Naomi only gets the 2 count.

Bliss with a few cheap shots. Bliss keeps Naomi down and goes to the top but Naomi kicks her to the floor. Naomi runs the ropes but Bliss meets her on the apron. Bliss comes back in and drops her with a snap DDT for a 2 count. Bliss shows frustration now. Naomi drops her and hits the springboard split-legged moonsault. Bliss with an Oklahoma Roll. The referee catches Alexa’s feet on the ropes during a pin. Bliss goes to the top but Naomi gets her legs up. Naomi hits another moonsault for the pin and the title.

Winner: Naomi

After the match, Naomi celebrates with her title as we go to replays. Renee Young interviews Naomi in the ring as a “you deserve it” chant starts. Naomi says she feels amazing. She gets emotional and raises the title up. Naomi takes the mic and says she saw this moment for many years and it feels good to be in it. She says Bliss has been a great champion but she snatched it and is now taking it home to Orlando for WrestleMania. Naomi asks if we can feel the glow before making her exit.

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